The Case For Faith

Your Faith matters

In a time like this, it’s more imperative to have faith if you are to steer clear from all the things around you that parade like it’s normal, accepted and righteous behavior.

Faith is defined as “being sure of what you hope for, and certain of what you don’t see…”

Faith is not the same as hope.

Hope is an expectation of something in the future.

Faith is a certain knowing in the now.

Faith is “now”. Now, I know. Now, I am sure.

The Case for faith in our current times is even stronger than at any time in our generation.

All around us, you see events, current affairs and social signals, behaviors and matters that are considered sin in the eyes of God now being accepted as ‘normal’ behavior.

Prayers being forbidden from the schoolroom is ‘normal.’

Same sex marriage has become legal in most states.

Bribing is as normal as a cup of tea.

In times like this, you need faith just to distinguish between sin and God’s law so that you don’t get into the trap of accepting the status quo just because it is man’s law.

Now, I hear there are non gender bathrooms in some states.


By faith you know who you are in God, you know you are and you know why certain things are considered illegal in front of God.

Faith gives you the knowing that whatever option is in front of you is true and authentic in front of God.

There’s another reason for faith.

God’s promises are claimed by faith, and not by sight.

In other words, you need to believe the unseen before it materializes in your life.

You need to speak the unspoken, believe the ‘un-believed’, act on the unseen.

In present day, that’s a hard sell.

How do you tell someone who is in debt that they are debt free?

They can’t see it, much less believe it.

But that’s the law as far as God goes.

For it to materialize in your life, believe what you don’t see.

In faith, faith is the substance, the hard core evidence that what you ask God for actually exists.

Faith is the blueprint.

Distinction Between Faith And Hope Prayers

Most of us pray amiss.

We pray prayers asking God to answer it in the future.

Here’s an example.

“OH God of heaven and earth, grant me $3,400 by next week Friday to clear my pending school loans”

That prayer won’t be answered.

You’ve probably prayed prayers like that in the past around similar requests, but basing it either on a timeline in the future or using the phrase, “if it is your wish…”

The challenge with that is God is spirit and in the spiritual world, there is no time.

Everything is now.

Meaning if you have to approach Him, you need to believe in that moment that He hears you and rewards you according to your request if it is in line with His Will.

He answers you in the NOW, and not on a timeline based on the future.

That’s where we make our next mistake. Because we don’t back up our position with concrete knowledge that it is His will in the first place.

By using the phrase, “if it be your Will” we are showing Him that we are not sure that it is His Will. Faith tells us that we must be sure of what we ask for before approaching Him, or else we shouldn’t expect Him to answer our prayers.

In other words, don’t pray a hope prayer.A hope prayer places its answer in the future. A faith prayer places its answer in the ‘now.’

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