Mission Trips: Gifting A Bible To Those In Need

Mission Trips: The Best Way To Promote Jesus Christ

I believe that every Christian should undertake at least 2 mission trips in their lifetime.

Perhaps even five times if you can do it.

There’s something about a mission trip that touches your heart and changes your life forever.

For us here at Logos Bible Teaching Ministry, we realized the need to make mission trips a regular part of our ministry.

For the last five years, we focused on online outreach and then we realized that we would have greater impact if we got directly involved in communities.

Applying Our Logos Bible Vision For 2018

This led to the question, “How do we effectively apply ourselves in societies?”

Well, in line with our mission, we realized the obvious answer is to distribute Bibles to those who have never had the opportunity of owning one.

After considering various factors like shipping costs, taxes and purchase of Bibles, we settled on small hand pocket bibles that contain both Old and New Testaments.

The total cost of shipping a Bible like this to someone in any part of the world comes to approximately $27 (barring inflation and unexpected expenses)

$27 takes care of shipping, handling, taxes, cost of purchasing the Bible, administrative costs and promotion.

Imagine! For the incredibly low cost of only $27, thousands of people around the world will have their own small pocket bible!

Just imagine how many people will come to the Lord!

In fact, this year 2018, our goal is to hand 100,000 people their own little pocket Bible.

To achieve this goal, we need to raise $ 3,100,000.

Is this achievable?

Yes it is!

It’s hands-bottom the best way of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

But let’s talk more about missions…

Our 2018 Mission Trips

We’ve decided to couple the gift of Bibles with mission trips to these marginalized communities!

Every year, we will undertake five missions trips to the most needy communities in the world.

In 2018, we will begin with Uganda, Somalia before moving to Sudan and Malaysia.

Let’s explain why we chose these areas.

1. Uganda

Up northern Uganda, there is a region that is so ravaged by the constant warring factions from north Uganda and Southern Sudan, that normal life is… well, not normal.

As a result of the constant and unexpected raids, many of the people are not able to enjoy regular schooling, medication and shelter.

They also miss out on Christianity.

Yes there are missionaries who regularly visit the area with the help of local authorities and the UN. However their visits are not long term.

When we inquired around their work in the region, we realized that missionary work is always cut short because of the insecurity in the area.

Missionary organizations decided that one of the best ways of permanently transforming the area was to educate the best men in the region.

They would bring them to Kampala, where they would be trained in missionary work, and then return to their communities at the end of their education to mentor and evangelize to their community.

However, this approach is and was not effective. For the most part, the locally trained people (around 86%) did not want to return to a war-ravaged region, for logical reasons.

What then could they do?

The solution was Bibles.

The Bible would be translated into the three main local dialects and then distributed to the 125,000 people in the area, situated along the Uganda-Sudan border.

A Local Church in Northern Uganda

If every person received their own bible, not only can they learn about Jesus Christ, they can draw on the Logos Word to protect their communities and bring peace to the region.

We know that by tapping into the miraculous power of Jesus Christ, war, strife between tribal warlords can be reduced in the region.

This will be much welcome in an area that has hardly known any sort of peace for close to 40 years.

2. Somalia

Somalia is different from the Uganda situation.

As you are well aware, Somalis are mostly Muslim.

Somalia has also seen its fair share of internal conflict.

Unfortunately, it has drawn negative press because of the pirate situation where bands of pirates regularly hijack freight ships plying the Asia-East Africa route.

Pirates demand millions of dollars in ransom.

In a few cases, the pirates have been known to kill their hostages, mostly of American origin.

Inland, common law has also broken down considerably with the ever-present threat of the Al Shabab resistance movement, a constant menace.

The Capital, Mogadishu, remains a perennial bomb threat. The US Embassy has been bombed on a number of occasions, leading international authorities to conclude that this is one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

We believe that penetrating the area with the Gospel of Jesus Christ will lead to a revival in the area with the small pocket of Christians who live in Mogadishu.

(For purposes of protection, we cannot reveal their identities.)

Despite the constant threat of persecution and war, there is a wonderful remnant of Christians who hold on to their faith through holding weekly home bible studies.

Pastor Zemellen from Ethiopia is the brave leader of this movement.

The Home Church consists of 50 pockets, each with around 5-25 members.

Every week, these members meet to conduct bible study.

This reminds us of the way the Church started in Acts of the Apostles where disciples met regularly in homes to study the Word of God.

Pastor Zemellen is assisted by Pastor Mefertay Benjamin who is in charge of administration.

When we got in touch with him, he told us that there is a shortage of Bibles. He requires 780 bibles for existing members. Currently, members share worn-out bibles. It is his desire that each member has his/her own Bible. In addition, he projects the Church will grow at a rate of 10 new members per month.

In addition to receiving the bibles, they need to invest in protection,because being Christian, they are under threat from neighbors facing persecution, arrest and intimidation for ‘engaging in Christian activities.’

3. Sudan.

Sudan is similar to the Somalia situation, because the Christians in North Sudan are always under threat from Muslims for refusing to renounce their faith.

South Sudan is predominantly Christian by choice. However, there are Christians in North Sudan who rightly believe that that (North Sudan) is their home and they have a right to follow Christ.

As you can imagine, this poses a considerable threat.

To remain undercover, they meet in homes where they conduct home bible study, like the Somalia Church.

Thanks to the presence of an international community, some small Churches have opened up, but their congregations are very small.

We saw a need to provide the local home Churches with Bibles. These home bible churches have an estimated population of 8,701 members as of January 2018.

4. Malaysia

Malaysia doesn’t have the active resistance that Sudan and Somalia have against the Gospel.

In fact, this local Church of 900 people is simply hungry for material – any material from Bibles to discussion books, discipleship courses and the like.

They are desperate to learn about this God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

What an amazing situation!

To satisfy this response, we have committed to send them 50 Bibles per month, depending on our resources.

There are some local missionaries. However, they too, need more equipping for missionary work, so that they represent the Gospel in the best way possible. 86 of the 93 missionaries we spoke to said they want to go to Bible School to correctly apply the Bible.

They are also keen to receive The Bible in their local dialects for faster, more effective dissemination of the Gospel.

We intend to do a mission trip to Malaysia as soon as May 2018.

As you can see, our work is well cut out for us this year.


How Can You Help?

A popular proverb says “one small good deed is better than the thousand grandest thoughts.”

Through a regular contribution of $30 per month, you can help send a Bible to one person per month and 12 people per year.

For a monthly contribution of $100, that rises to 4 people per month and 48 people per year.

You can opt to support any 2018 mission trip with a onetime gift of $ 200.

As you can imagine, our resources are not enough to meet our goal.

Our limited resources go towards the funding support of 1 missionary per region, as well as the printing costs of the pocket Bible, administrative and support costs.

We also attract costs for maintaining our online costs – website, hosting fees, content fees, promotion fee.

Internet access is rare and non existent in most of these communities we are targeting this year. They therefore cannot benefit from our online ministry.

With your help, we can place the Bible in the hands of 100 people per month.

You can adopt this mission as your part in spreading the Gospel to all corners of the world.

Visit our donations page and become a partner in our Ministry.

Help us reach the unreached people of the world one community at a time.

Pray about it and do what God puts on your heart.

God bless you as you do it and thanks for being our partner.

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