Meet Our Contributors

Logos Bible Teaching Ministry Contributors

Logos Bible Teaching Ministry welcomes contributions from all men and women of God.

If you are involved in Ministry as a layperson, Minister, Pastor, Evangelist or any other capacity, and God has placed a message in your heart, then we invite you to submit some of your articles for consideration.

We also welcome contributions from Christian entrepreneurs and regular folk expressing their faith and living for their God in a contemporary world.

We’ll share with you some of their inspired stories of faith as you read their articles.

Meet Our Contributors

1. Pastor Mark Andrews

Senior Pastor, Lighthouse Assembly of God, Atlanta

Pastor Mark Andrews is the Pastor of the Lighthouse Assembly of God Church, Atlanta.

Pastor Mark has a ministry to the underprivileged in addition to his regular pastoral duties in the 4,500 member strong Church.

Pastor Mark has a passion for saving the lost, and regularly conducts feeding and restoration empowerment workshops in the inner districts of the city.

Perhaps his best known gift is his desire to write and encourage Christians of all faith to live a life of dominance in their neighborhood.

Pastor Mark contributes to this online platform through a series of insightful relevant devotions inspired to remove you from your comfort zone and seek a higher purpose with God.


2. David Makuyu


David Makuyu is a Christian entrepreneur and a digital content strategist based in Nairobi, Kenya who has set up six thriving online business brands that are fast becoming the leading African online brands in music, retail, digital marketing, real estate and e-commerce.

David Makuyu attributes his success in business to financial principles embedded in the Word of God.

David spent a combined total of 16 years in the radio industry with eight years building up the most successful Christian radio stations in the country before leaving to set up his private business in 2014.

Mr. Makuyu also shares a passion for empowering emerging music artists in the country and has organized several successful events including the first ever nationwide Gospel talent Search competition in the country in 2005.

David is a visionary who has always had his eye on setting up his own business chain. After much prayer and fasting, David eventually answered the entrepreneurial tug in his heart and ventured out on a walk of faith to design and apply Christian principles he had been taught to contemporary business.

He says that if everyone took time to study God’s standard for business, family and entrepreneurship that are found in the Word of God, then we would see all businesses thrive and prosper.

Mr. Makuyu shares his faith and insights via his christian blog,

You will find him bringing a modern contemporary yet biblical exposition through thematic articles here at Logos Bible Ministry designed to help you answer some of life’s most challenging questions based on the Word of God.


3. Geoff Forster

sports evangelist, Gym Owner, Sports Coach, Motivational Speaker

Geoff Forster is a former top professional British athlete who is now one of the top Sports Coaches in Bournemouth, UK.

Geoff has coached top sports teams from Universities of Wales, Leeds and Armhert.

Top professional athletes in football, cycling and tennis now regularly seek Geoff out to help with fitness training. As a result, he has built up an impressive portfolio of A-List clients.

He finds his top fulfillment as the owner of the Leeds Sports Athletics Club, where he conducts regular football, fitness and endurance training.

He plans to set up another five clubs around the country by the end of the year.

Geoff is highly ambitious and strict even by his own standards. he compares himself to Jacob in the Bible thanks to his determination to get the best out of life.

Geoff attributes his success in life to his mother who singlehandedly brought him up and rescued him from a life to drugs to the point he finally met Jesus and gave his life to Christ in 1999.

Since then, he swore to live out his Christian witness through sports evangelism, which he conducts with religious zeal in Leeds, Scotland and Manchester.


4. Susan Amber

community worker

Susan Amber is originally from Scotland and now lives in Australia where she runs a successful rehabilitation program for troubled teenagers.

Whereas most community workers will apply science and medicine to rehabilitation programs, Susan mixes her faith with counselling techniques. She believes that God is the answer to all problems we face in life.

Many of the teenagers that she deals with are dealing with painfully tough problems like rape, incest, gang life, abuse, self abuse, drugs, inferiority complex and rejection.

Through a carefully designed community program, she  brings them out of their peculiar challenge and shows them how to discover their inner beauty and explore their purpose for living. She will apply meditation, prayer and group sessions to her counselling sessions. In fact, on of the condition for participation in the highly successful program is that every participant must attend Church thrice a week.

Since 2008, Susan has successfully rehabilitated 2,457 teenagers and over 80% of them have accepted Christ as their personal Lord and savior as a result of going through her program.