Happy Easter: Jesus Died To Save Us

Jesus Died To Save Us From Our Sins

“He was buried.

He was raised on the 3rd day according to scripture…”

1 Corinthians 15:4,

I think about when they crucified Jesus.

On that Friday, it was the darkest, most painful, discouraging day of His life.

In fact, it was so bad that He sweated drops of blood.

It looked as if His enemies had gotten the best of Him.

But God had other plans.

They put Him in the grave on Friday, celebrating their victory, but Sunday morning it was a different story.

The grave could not hold Him! Death couldn’t contain Him! The forces of darkness couldn’t stop Him!

On the third day, He came out of the grave and said, “I was dead, but now I am alive.God will always finish what He started.

No matter how dark it looks, no matter how long it’s been, no matter how many people are trying to push you down; if you will stay in faith, God will always take you from Friday to Sunday.

He will always complete what He started in u!

Blessed Easter.

Happy Easter

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