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Inspiration For Today: Restoration Is From The Lord

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…”

(Joel 2:25)


Restoration is from the Lord.

Friend, God knows how to make up for years you’ve lost in your life.

No, you can’t relive your childhood, but God can make the rest of your life so rewarding, so fulfilling that you don’t even miss what didn’t happen in the past.

You may feel like you wasted years in a relationship that didn’t work out. But God can bring somebody into your life so great, so fun, so friendly, so attractive that you don’t even remember the years that you’ve lost.

You may have spent years on a job that turned out to be a dead end. You were working your way to the top; things didn’t turn out like you had hoped, and now it looks like there’s a big waste of time.

You may not see how you could ever get to where you want to be, but don’t believe those lies.

Restoration comes from the Lord.

God Knows

God knows how to make up for lost time.

God can accelerate things.

Commit His Time to prayer and see it come to pass.

God can bring opportunities back across your path that you missed that will thrust you years ahead. It may not have happened the first time, but God will always give you another chance.

Excited about having your time restored in full?

He’ll make up for the lost time and bring you out better and stronger than ever before!


The Word

And though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would greatly increase.

Job 8:7


You may not be excited about where you are since you haven’t achieved much.

You even feel ashamed and small before people as a result of comparing yourself with them yet you have not taken into consideration that you are just beginning hence can’t compare yourself with others since you have no idea when they started their thing and at what level they are in life.

Lord God Almighty, thank You for the good plans You have for us.


Be Restored In The Strength Of The Lord

As a child of God, you have His promise that He has a good plan over your life plus good thoughts over you and a plan to prosper you that you may have a good future.

It therefore means that your latter end will greatly increase.

Keep on doing your thing and don’t be scared of where people are in life, you’ll soon get there as per God’s plan over your life as ordained by God.



“Heavenly Father, Lord God Almighty, thank You for the good plans You have for us. Thank You for the guarantee of a secure future since You Lord have promised to give us hope in our final outcome. Because of this, we are assured that our latter end will greatly increase. Glory be unto your name.”


God Never Changes

Wisdom In Unusual Places

An engineer in a car manufacturing company designs a world class car.

The owner is impressed with the outcome and praised him a lot.

While trying to bring out the car from the manufacturing area to the showroom, they realize that the car is 2 inches taller than the entrance.

The engineer felt bad that he didn’t notice this one before creating the car.

The owner was amazed on how to take it outside of the manufacturing area.

The painter said that they can bring out the car and there will be a few scratches on top of the car which could be touched up later on.

The engineer said that they can break the entrance, take the car out, and later re-do it.

The owner was not convinced with any ideas and felt like it is a bad sign to break or scratch

A watchman was observing all the drama & slowly approached the owner.  He wanted to give an idea if they had no problem.

They wondered what this guy would tell them that the experts could not give.

The watchman said “The car is only a few inches taller than the entrance so, simply release the air in the tyre, the height of the car will sink and can be easily taken out…”

Everyone clapped!!!


Our Take-Out

Don’t analyse the problems only from an expert point of view alone.

There is always a layman’s outlook that gives an alternate solution at a given point of time…

Life issues are also the same….

Think simple…

Do simple and live simple

Because originally we are happy souls.

Release Some Air … it could be our anger …. our disappointments… our  egos… our confusions…

In the end it’s all about  adjusting the height (Attitude) to make things easier in life and simplify the things in life.

” Life is beautiful ” … “Enjoy every moment” … ” Seasons change” . ” Situations Change”


“God never changes”

God Never Changes

Daily Inspiration Nugget

The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook.

William James

Daily Inspiration Nugget

Who aims at excellence will be above mediocrity; who aims at

mediocrity will be far short of it.

Burmese Saying

Daily Inspiration Nugget

Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not

know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.


Daily Inspiration Nugget: Wisdom

On every thorn, delightful wisdom grows,

In every rill a sweet instruction flows.

Edward Young

Daily Inspiration Nugget

Daily Inspiration Nugget

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.

Helen Keller